Test Case, Test Condition, Test Procedure, Test Control, Test Execution

As testers, we come across various terms related to our line of work. Here are a bunch of terms prefixed with the word "Test" that we seem to encounter fairly often. Let us quickly look at what these terms mean.

A Test Condition is an aspect or attribute of a system or component that can be verified using test cases. Example: a feature, GUI attributes, function, etc.

A Test Case is a set of input values, pre-conditions, expected results and post-conditions that are created to verify a particular test condition or objective. Example: to verify a specific requirement.

A Test Procedure is a document that specifies the sequence of actions involved in executing a test. The test procedure is also called as test script.

Test Control refers to a management task involving coming up with and application of corrective actions to bring a test project on track when deviations from plan have been observed as part of a monitoring exercise.

Test Execution, as the name suggests - is the process of running a test on the application or system under test. The output of test execution is the actual results which are compared with the expected results that are listed in the test case being executed.