QA is not Testing (QA vs QC)

QA, QC, Testing – more often used inter-changeably and generally meant to imply "Testing".

Lets get our facts straight - QA is not Testing; QC is not only about Testing; Testing is QC.
More explanation follow.

Quality Control (QC) - is oriented towards detecting defects and correction of these defects. QC works on the product rather than the process of producing the product. QC involves a set of tasks carried out to evaluate the product that has been developed. QC is normally the responsibility of the testing team and is considered to be a line function. Although testing is a QC activity, it is not the only type of QC activity. QC includes any activity that examines products to determine if they meet their requirements. Examples of QC activities apart from testing – inspections, reviews, walk-throughs of work products like requirements, designs, code and documentation.

Quality Assurance (QA) - is oriented towards defect prevention and focuses on the process by which the product or application is built. QA involves a set of tasks to ensure that the development process is adequate to produce a system that meets its requirements. QA activities include reviewing design activities, setting standards to be followed in coding and such other process requirements aimed at ensuring that a quality product is built. QA ensures that the process is well defined and looks at methodology and standards development. QA is performed through the life cycle of the product and applies to all involved in developing the product. QA is normally considered to be a staff function. QA looks at items such as identifying areas for improvements in current methods and processes being followed, making processes effective, ensuring consistency in the way these are followed and so on. While QC evaluates the product, QA evaluates the activities involved in creating the product.